Global 300 | 2021

the first-ever benchmarking report on customer culture

Customer Culture Experts: Dr. Linden Brown
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leadership committed to customer culture

Be part of a global research study that will allow every company participating to compare themselves against the most customer-centric companies in the world.

“This research study, the MarketCulture Global 300, is an opportunity for your senior leaders to benchmark the culture of their organization against the world’s most customer-centric companies and understand what actions they need to take to retain customers. Kotler Impact, eWMS and WMS are partnering with MarketCulture on this important project. I have said it many times – "retain your customers then you don’t need selling".”

Professor Philip Kotler

endorsed by professor philip kotler


  • Receive your Global benchmarked result to see how Customer-Centric your Organization is validated against the World’s Best Companies
  • Receive a FREE report with insights of what is driving the best cultural practices around the Globe 
  • Discover how to build a roadmap to implement profitable change in your Organization.
  • Signal to your employees and to your customers that you are committed to improving Customer Culture
  • Propel the organization along the journey towards a stronger customer focus and team culture
  • Create a competitive advantage and drive improved customer loyalty, advocacy, and business performance 
  • Reduced risks of ineffective innovation, loss of customers, and eroded profitability. 
  • Be part of an exclusive group of 300 companies


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MarketCulture Academy Definition of Customer Culture


The results of individual organizations participating in the MarketCulture Global 300 Study are confidential. At no time will your company’s name be linked to a result or position in the index. The only time your organization will be mentioned is as a participant in the study.