Could you be joyfully customer-centric with no evidence that compels?

Dr. Linden R. Brown

Dr. Linden R. Brown

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No evidence (yet)

“People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive.”

Will you admit you are not as customer-centric as you think if you can’t provide indisputable evidence?

Humor me and try this test.

Ask a few senior leaders and a couple of peers from each function in your organization if they think your business is highly customer-centric. I guarantee you will get different answers ranging from “yes, no, or don’t know.” If you want to know more, set up a debate with some colleagues leading the “yes” case and some showing the “no” case. Then you will get some examples that support the “yes” position and others that will help the “no” situation – in other words, instead of no evidence, you will get some.

You will find that the debate might get quite heated. If so, tell everyone to go and get an ice-cream to cool off.

Why will a debate create some sparks?

There is a lot of confusion across large and medium multifunction businesses about what being customer-centered is. There is even more confusion about what you need to do to achieve it and sustain it. Confusion rules because people in various functions, schooled on a particular discipline or technical skill like IT, HR, marketing, or finance, see it differently. Rarely do I see a unified understanding, reflected in shared customer experience stories or a collaborative mindset focused on jointly and consistently delivering value for customers.

What is missing?

The chances are you don’t have a robust framework based on proven research that measures where you are and what you need to do – something that everyone can easily understand and agree on where your organization essentially stands. Once you have that, it is not difficult to settle on your priorities and take steps.

How to go about it

I have found that business leaders must get familiar with the eight disciplines that drive a customer-centric culture. They then see how this creates consistently superior customer experiences. Then they develop a clear vision about what customer centricity truly is, how to measure it, and how to act on it. What’s more, they can impart this vision to their colleagues.

Where can I get this knowledge?

Attend our webinars where you will hear about senior executives and practitioners’ experiences telling their stories on how they strengthened their organizations’ customer-centric culture, also how the eight disciplines work in practice together.

Dr. Linden Brown

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